How to Get Rid of Wood Boring Bees

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wood boring bees
Wood boring bees usually appear during the spring and are large-bodied, resembling bumblebees. They are black and are known to bore holes in wood where they lay their eggs in cells that they tunnel in those holes.

You can quickly identify these bees through their shiny, black hairless abdomen. They drill what appears to be perfect circles in untreated wood, often in rafters, decks, and furniture. Wood boring bees often burrow straight ahead for a few inches, then turn right and continue the drilling while constructing perfect cells for their offspring.

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How Do You Get Rid of Wood Boring Bees?

bee protectionThe following steps will help you protect your property and get rid of these pesky critters:

  1. Treat the affected wood with pesticides. Fipro aerosol foam is an excellent formulation that can reach the bees’ chambers and kill their eggs.
  2. Invest in traps designed to attract and trap the bees. These traps offer them no escape once they are inside.
  3. Preventative treatment of wood with the right solutions.

Where Do Wood Boring Bees Live?

Wood boring bees burrow and live in softwood. They prefer to nest in pine and cedar woods and can be found in woody structures and old trees. They tunnel into deadwood and bamboo and occupy wooden window sills at your home, un-varnished furniture, and even doors.

Male vs Female Wood Boring Bee

The differences between male and female wood boring bees can be easily identified. The following features stand out between the two:

  • The male has a yellow square patch on its head and cannot sting
  • The female’s head is purely black and has a stinger

What Do Wood Boring Bees Eat?

These bees do not eat wood. It is easy to assume that since they bore wood, they eat wood, but that just isn’t true. They are pollinators like other species of bees and eat pollen and nectar.

How to Protect Wood From Wood Boring Bees

bee trapsDo bee traps work? It is crucial to correctly identify and know that you’re dealing with wood boring bees before getting a solution to deal with them. Identifying them is the first step towards getting the correct remedy.

The steps below can help you protect your property from these bees:

  1. Regularly treat wood with paint and varnish to prevent the bees from boring holes on wood.
  2. Spray residential insecticide. They are safe to implement and apply on the wood’s surface and are a significant deterrent to the bees.
  3. Insecticidal dust can reach wood that has almost been terminally infested with the bees. The dust can destroy the eggs and larvae in the veins drilled by the bees in timber.

How to Get Rid of Wood Boring Bees

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